Demo Reel


1. Rug Simulation
Created in Houdini, this is an intuitive and reusable rug asset.
Selected collision objects will be dropped into place.
Easily tweak parameters to achieve the desired effect.
Grooming and shading also by Andrew Rasmussen

2. Caliber Finale FX
This is the finisher move for the video game character, Caliber.
It is a combination of volumes, particles, and procedural geometry.
This effect needed to be a bit over the top, and have video game feel.
Layers were created in Houdini and then composited in Nuke.

3. Window Blinds
This is a rigid body simulation created in Houdini.
Individual slats were dropped, and simultaneously lifted to achieve the cascading look.
This is the pivotal moment in Jeff’s character arc..

4. Game Characters
Developed a workflow for motion capture using MVN Studio, Motionbuilder, Maya, and Houdini.
The workflow used FBX and Alembic formats for data transfer, and python scripts were used for automation.
Basic rigs were created for use in Motionbuilder, and then later used to drive more complex rigs in Maya.
Mocap Team: Brian Kingery, Rovin Conover, Susan Hatton, Christina Skyles.

5. CG / Real World Integration
Integration of a CG shovel into a real world photograph.
Proper shading, lighting, exposure, camera angle, etc. was taken into account to get the shovel to fit into this real world image.
Modeling in Maya. Shading and lighting in Houdini. Composting in Nuke.

6. Mug Shatter
Rigid body and particle simulations created in Houdini.

7. Check In/Out, Asset Update
A checkin checkout pipeline tool for cross platform assets. Written in Python
This allows for assets to be modeled in Maya and automatically update in Houdini for shading, lighting, set dressing, etc.
Automatic updating was also implemented for character and prop rigs in Maya.

8. Animation / Shot Updating
A checkin checkout pipeline tool for “shot” files. Written in Python.
This allows for a shot to be checked out in Maya for animation, and then later checked out in Houdini for lighting, FX, and rendering.
Assets, characters, and cameras were made transferable using Alembic.
Equivalent tools were created for Nuke for shot compositing.